Otto Schumacher Venedig Bridle
Otto Schumacher Venedig XS

Otto-Schumacher Venedig Bridle (703080)
A great idea. The Model Venedig proves itself with a soft padded neck piece. The Bridles and Double Bridles are as individual as our Customers and their Horses. Owing to the great selection of the different Browbands, Nosebands and Reins, the Rider can design his own unique model.

Patent Leather optional for all Swedish or Drop Nosebands.
-Anatomically formed and soft padded Neck piece.
-Cheek Pieces 16mm with Hooks.

Snaffle $595.00
Double Bridle $789.00

Otto-Schumacher Venedig XS (702060)
Little Sister. This Model differs from smaller check things and anatomically formed Noseband. Naturally there are many possibilities to design the Bridle or Double Bridle individually.
-Anatomically formed soft padded Neck piece
-Cheek pieces 13mm with hooks.

Snaffle $543.00
Double Bridle $720.00