Otto Schumacher Kronborg Bridle

Otto-Schumacher Kronborg Bridle (17703981)
Leather meets Gems.
This highly trendy model is characterized by a combination of our high-quality leather and myriad of Crystals.

-Swedish Noseband extra wide 4cm, finished with crystals finest inlay (7 rows)
-Anatomically formed and soft padded neck piece
-Cheek pieces 16mm with hooks
-Curved browband Crystal finest (7 rows)

Available in Jet, Purple, Violet, Rose, Light Peach, Fuschia, Siam, Petrol, Aqua, Crystal, Platin, Peridot, lt. col topaz, sm. topaz, Crystal Ab.

Double Bridle ( 17704981) $910.00
$913 Brass Hardware.