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Effax Leather Balsam with Grip Technology

Effax Leather Balsam + Grip Technology   ‘NEW’
Intensive care which provides good grip for a more secure seat.

Effax Leather Balsam + Grip Technology combines the most valuable leather care of the classic Effax product with an innovative anti-slip effect.  High quality care additives such as avocado oil and lanolin nourish and care for the leather keeping it supple and tear-proof.  Furthermore beeswax has a moisture repellent effect and leaves the leather with a brilliant shine.  The newly developed Grip Technology with anti-slip effect ensures a more secure seat in the saddle without any stickiness and does not leave any residue on leather equipment.  This product means a secure seat for the beginner as well as the professional rider.  Effax Leather Balsam + Grip Technology is easy to apply and spread evenly over the leather due to the practical sponge.


Effax® Leather-Soft

Smooth leather. Smooth and supple
As a result of the special mixture of lanolin and avocado oil, the leather becomes supple, tear-proof and soft. Bees’ wax not only leaves a pleasant smell, it also gives a pleasant feel to the surface of the leather as well as protecting it against moisture.
Suitable for all smooth leathers.Contains:
mixture of care oils, lanolin, avocado oil, bees’ wax

Effax Leather Combi-Spray

The Leather-Combi power cleaner has proved effective for many years and is now available with a spray & foam function. effax® Leather-Combi + can be easily sprayed over the entire surface of the leather due to the multi-functional spray head or applied as a foam. The powerful and non-greasy formula removes stubborn and dried dirt such as perspiration and dust residues. The innovative, mildew-free formula of effax® Leather-Combi + has been developed further to prevent leather being attacked by mildew and fungi. The natural properties and slip-resistance of the leather are also maintained.


Effax Leather Cleaning Spray

Effax Leather Cleaning Spray has specially been developed for smooth leather (incl. TFL Cool System leather). The grease-free cleaner with special insect-removing formula gently lifts off even stubborn and dried-on dirt (sweat/insect residues) quickly and permanently. The deep-cleaning action ensures that the leather retains its natural quality and non-slip property. The Effax Leather Cleaning Spray keeps leather tear-resistant and non-slip, while conserving the breathability of climate membranes.

Ideal for leather clothing and luggage (e.g. saddlebags, tool rolls, motorbike seats etc. ).


Effax® Boot-Miracle

Cleaning combined with care.

Cleans synthetic, patent leather and rubber surfaces, removes stubborn dirt and is sustainably dirt-repellent. Horse boots are protected against dirt, dampness and wear and tear by means of the easy-to-clean effect. It has a caring effect on the surfaces and gradually the full depth of colour is restored. After application, horse boots and patent leather bridles will look like new.Our recommendation: Spray new horse boots before first wearing them – this means the easy-to-clean effect will work from the very beginning.


Effax® Leather Balsam

Popular all over the world
effax® Leather Balm extends the “lifespan” of the leather and is therefore used ardently all over the world. The most valuable leather care for durability and reliability of the leather equipment due to a combination of lanolin and caring oils. Furthermore bees’ wax has a moisture-repellent effect and leaves the leather with a brilliant shine as well as giving the product a uniquely special smell.Contains:
care additives such as bees’ wax, lanolin, avocado oil

Effax® Leather-Grip-Stick

For a good-grip ride
The effax® Leather-Grip-Stick is simple to use, wherever you are, always lends the leather a good firm grip, without any suggestion of stickiness. With the twist and turn stick the active substance is easy to apply – without any danger of damage to leather or riding wear. This product means a safe seat for the beginner as well as the professional rider.Contains:
effax® anti-slip formula

effax® Leather-Cream-Soap

Leather care. Flic. Flac. Finished.

The effax® Leather-Cream-Soap in the Flic-Flac bottle to turn and hang up is easy to apply in just the right dosage. Cleans and cares for the leather in one single step – quickly and simply with no water required. Leather-Cream-Soap ensures a pleasant leather surface with a good grip, without any danger of staining other equipment!Contains: soya-kali-soap, lanolin


Effax® Leather-Oil

Nourishes, cares for and protects all smooth leathers against moisture. Vaseline, genuine train oil and other high-quality, leather-caring substances ensure durability and therefore also reliability of your leather equipment – a great benefit for your safety.
Free of acids and resin. Easy to use due to the integrated brush.  Contains:  mixture of care oils, fats, train oil

Effax® Leather-Combi

The deep-penetrating effect cleans and nourishes the leather fibre in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy. High-quality additives provide the leather fibre with the necessary nourishment so that the leather remains soft, supple and tear-proof. effax® Leather-Combi quickly takes away the protection, dirt and grease, penetrates deep and keeps the leather supple by penetrating the leather fibre. In other words, the optimum deep-cleaning product. If required, the leather equipment can be treated subsequently with effax® Leather Balm or effax® Leather Oil.Contains: cleansing mild special surfactants