Air Easy is available for a foreleg and also hind leg boot. Additionally Eskadron offers a corresponding fetlock boot which conforms to the LPO regulations for all showjumper and young horse competitions.
For optimum body climate and high wearing comfort on the horses leg, Eskadron uses breathable perforated Neoprene. Mesh protected Air channels in the outer shell ensure ideal air circulation. The special click fastening device makes the boot fast to put on and take off. It also ensure an individual fit on the horses leg.

FRONT (50339) $228.00
HIND (51439) $164.00


Eskadron Flexisoft Air Boots (50346)
Dynamic look, Perfect function, maximum safety- United in the newest generation of Eskadron Flexisoft Protection Boots.

Front (50349) $201.00
Hind (51449) $152.00


Eskadron Cross Country Horse Boots
The new Eskadron boot for cross country and leisure riding made of TPE with a flexible soft zone. This boot guarantees perfect protection and fit in difficult terrain and water because of the neoprene inner and front lining with PIKOSOFT. The range also includes matching long protection boots for the hind legs.

Front (50501) $164.00
Hind (51701) $199.00


Eskadron ProSafe Memo Boots
The new Flexisoft Prosafe Memo Boot has been produced in an elegant tone-in-tone look. The additional padding in the form of an extra thick edge zone as well as the easy-care and shock-absorbing new style memo-foam inner lining ensure highest wearing comfort and at the same time minimum weight.
The Prosafe protection device offers double protection against bangs and knocks.
The new Prosafe fastening system consists of an anti-dirt Velcro fastening which is quick and esy to use. The Flexisoft zone ensures optimum freedom of movement.

front (50601) $199.00
hind (51801) $160.00


Eskadron Allround Horse Boots
Eskadrons new Allround Horse boots for dressage, show jumping and leisure riding. Attracive design in a new look.
A hard shell is integrated between robust artificial leather outer material and 5.5mm thick Neoprene lining to protect the horses leg against knocks. The 3 velcro fastenings make the boot simple and fast to fit. The PVC outer material is dirt-repellant and easy to clean. The new All Round Horse Boots are available in black and white.

Front (50200) $187.00
Hind (51600) $206.00

Eskadron Pro Dressage Horse Boots
The new Pro-Dressage Boot fits particularly well due to its cut which allows sufficient freedom of movement for the fetlock joint. Designed specifically with the Dressage horse in mind.

Front 61100: $ 174.00
Hind 61200: $199.00

Protection Boot Stk

Eskadron Flexisoft Horse Boots (5000161)

A Jumping Boot with Flexi-soft Zone, anatomically adapted to the Horse’s leg, made with TPE with a practical Velcro fastening.
Linings: Neoprene, Sheepskin or additionally with Gel.


Eskadron Protection Boots (50101)
The Original Jumping Boot by Eskadron, made of TPE and with a Velcro fastening. Neoprene Lining. Special recess in the upper area for better wearing comfort.



Eskadron Pro Extreme Boots (54000)
The New Pro Extreme Horse Boot, Designed and developed in collaboration with Hinrich Romeike – not exclusively for Eventing. The Cordura outer fabric is very robust although it is also light and flexible. There is soft padding on the inside, designed to adapt to suit the individual shape of the horse’s leg. The Elastic, Velcro bands maintain a firm hold, even when riding through water. They ensure a completely closed and optimum fit. Pro Extreme Boots are available in three different sizes.

Sizes: I, II, III.

Eskadron Pro Active Boots
Made from 8.5mm Thick Neoprene and strengthened by PIKOSoft. Protects the horse’s leg from brushing and bruising. The lower suspensory strap specially supports tendons and ligaments around the fetlock. Suitable for all types of horse training, including Western Disciplines.

Sizes: I, II, III.
(60001) $150.00
(60501) $136000


Eskadron Pikosoft Boots
Made from a new, very strong, artificial suede called PIKO soft. The boots are lined with soft, flexible 5.5mm thick Neoprene. Provided with moulded TPE-spoon, double elasticated Velcro fastening.

Sizes: I, II, III.
(52055) $147.00
(52555) $157.00

Eskadron Neoprene Boots
Made from 6.5mm Strong coated Neoprene. Extremely tear-proof but nevertheless soft and flexible. Provided with TPE-spoon, double elasticated velcro fastening.

Sizes: I, II, III.
(52500) $120.00


Eskadron Pro Cool Boot
The Pro Cool Cooling Boot makes fast therapy possible in the case of strain and overwork resulting from training and competitive events. The boot however can also be used as an effective form of prevention. It provides ideal treatment in the case of tendon injuries, tendon sheaths and suspensory ligaments, particularly because of the option of alternating between cooling treatment and heat treatment. Further area’s of application are swollen legs and acute trauma. Adaptable when standing or during exercise.

Sizes: I, II, III.
(607-609) $434.00
(38000) Pro Cool Replacement Pad $98.00